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 Stakeholder Capitalism speakers
                               (more coming soon)

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Julianne Schultz, Emeritus Professor, Griffith University & Author 

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Chris Parker,
CEO, Ethics Centre

Lynette Mayne
Co-Chair, B Team Australasia

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Prof Melissa Edwards,
Director, Executive MBA program,  UTS Business School

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Alex Hillman,
Lead Carbon Analyst,
Australian  Centre for 
Corporate Responsibility, ACCR

desiree luchaess.jpg

Desiree Lucchese
Head of Ethics & Impact,
U Ethical

janette oneill.jpg

Janette O'Neill
Chief Sustainability Officer,
PwC Australia 

subkhir sandhu.jpg

Prof Sukbhir Sandu 
Executive Co-director, Centre for Workplace Excellence (CWeX), Uni SA

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